Delivering highly customized VoIP services to our clients and treating you with the most simplified and superior quality calling services. We are #1 VoIP exchange providing exhilarating internet call services.

Welcome to Skytel Services Inc.

We at Skytel Services always believe in speaking only one language and that is- performance. Our results speak about our services and if you want to know us better you can access our services category, our service specifications and more. Whether it is wholesale VoIP or retail VoIP, our services are highly customized bundled with efficient performance providing a complete package.

We make calling solutions easier for you and also assist you in overcoming any technical difficulties you face. We have a dedicated account manager for each client and since we treat each client as our partner, this is what makes us different from others.

Skytel Services has been founded with the idea of bringing Simplicity to the otherwise apocryphal world of VOIP Telephony. The values of this company have resulted from the marriage of Complex VOIP Architecture with Easy User Interfaces and Reduced Call Costs.

Skytel Services established in 2009. In the last two years of Operations, we have proven our Reliable Business Model, evident via strategic alliances with Tier-1 Telecom Companies across the world. Our multiple endpoints located at myriad geographical locations provide us with the Industry's top-of-the-line Redundancy.

VoIP, at its core, is bottomless! It demands cyclic input of Research Efforts, Maintenance Management and Cost Analysis. The challenge has been to provide cheap calls with prompt and reliable connectivity- summing it up in one sentence... The Challenge has been to Simplify the Complexities that marred the initiation of VOIP... So far, we have acquired a loyal following of Business and Residential Customers, who is simply loving every moment of it!