We provide you the opportunity to extend the international reach of your telephone network and that too with limited costs. We are your trusted VoIP partner providing most prominent DID services.

Direct Inward Dialing

Skytel Services provides accessibility to its customers to extend the international reach of their telephone network rapidly and that too with limited costs. Skytel Service maintains a network of geographical and national phone numbers from several locations across the world for direct inward dialing (DID). There might be instances when telephone numbers of some countries are not in stock but they will be delivered within few days of the date of order.

In a wide number of countries, existing telephone numbers are portable to the Skytel Services. In fact, Skytel Services offers its customers as additional services the ability to select the preferred numbers.

The number of the associated channels which are several in numbers determines the number of simultaneous incoming calls on Skytel Services DID. Each channel extends for only one concurrent call. Contrary to traditional voice services, the channels are not linked to countries and numbers because numbers from different countries can share capacity.

Our DID services are available in more than 56 countries at cheapest rates. Through our DID services, you can build your trunk with the number of channels you require. Apart from it you will also get unlimited incoming minutes with the ability to share channels. Our DID services are also ideal for calling card providers and businesses that require more than two concurrent calls or unlimited minutes.