Retail VoIP

Choose your most preferred Residential VoIP partner as get access to best retail VoIP services with list of features including Call Cards, Call Shops, Home Phone, Top Up Cards, Retail Packages and much more.

Retail VoIP Solution

We have introduced VoIP to the lives of many people and since then VoIP has predominantly ruled the telephone market. Be it retail or wholesale, our cost efficient and reliable VoIP services have won the belief of several clients. Our highly preferable VoIP services and cost-efficient packages make your business happen. Some of the salient features of our retail VoIP services are:

Calling Cards
To make low international calls, calling cards still remain a major boost in the telephone market.
Call Shops
Place your calls to desired destination and make real time calls at internet café.
Home Phone
Superior performance with access to unlimited features and cheap international calls and local calls.
Retail Packages
It offers you a flexible subscription period and also offers you and also offer multiple packages.
Top-Up Cards
Choose any prepaid or postpaid plan and recharge or pay bills as per your convenience and usage.

Our flexible business model is designed to suit everyone’s needs. We also offer one time packages & easy payment options. Skytel Services boasts several interconnects around the world, and offers most premium service plans to provide your business with the perfect price and quality combination to meet your needs. Get started as soon as you subscribe to our services with our portal that allows you to immediately start sending calls, and manage your account by using our advanced reporting tools to view pricing, CDR and quality information.

While Calling Cards remain a major segment in the enhanced telephony services, we exert similar pressure in promoting other premium retail services too like Retail packages, Calling Cards, Call Shops and much more. We provide premium quality telephony solutions and you can choose the preferred service from our list of endless premium services.

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